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Policy and financing inputs to strengthen interaction between R&D and the production system

WithJames P. Blackledge

The Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology has been working, since 1972, on formulations of S&T plans based on the need to solve the problems of development. If research and development (R&D) is to bring about an impact on development, it seems clear that in many countries government intervention is required. The S&T policy should make provision for development of human resources as well as increasing R&D capabilities. In some cases, contracts with the production system may be minimal and the government funds R&D based on identification of problems in co-operation with industry. The government regards development projects, even though they are government funded, to be the same as contracts with industry. In 1981, ASIMET, the Chilean Association of Metallurgical and Metalmechanical Industries, proposed a new law to the Chilean Government to ameliorate the situation. The development banks appear to be undergoing a metamorphosis in their philosophies and operational procedures.