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Promotion of linkages between the Hungarian R&D policy and the production system through financing

WithLaszlo Teke

International technical-scientific co-operation plays an important role in the reinforcement of linkages between research and development (R&D) activities and the production system. The Hungarian R&D infrastructure is relatively advanced, but due to the size of the economy, its capacity is rather limited. Acquisition of foreign R&D results is possible through commercial channels, co-operation production, or by setting up joint companies. The internal R&D infrastructure of Hungary includes a number of different components, including: national research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; university research institutes; research and development enterprises; R&D departments of companies; and economic working associations for R&D. Priority is given to licensing arrangements realized in the framework of production and sales co-operation. The State Office for Technical Development and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences are in charge of working out the interdisciplinary R&D priorities, coordinating and, if necessary, financing them.