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The potential for contribution of R&D to the production system

WithJames P. Blackledge

This chapter addresses the problems, from the standpoint of the role of research and development institutions in the development process; research and development (R&D) functional activities of importance to the productive sector; mechanisms for enhancing linkages between R&D activities and the production system. It examines the role of other elements of the national development infrastructure and technical cooperation among developing countries and between developed and developing countries. The chapter identifies strengths and weaknesses of R&D institutions in their interaction with the production system. It suggests that variable plans of action, appropriate to the stage of national development, which could be implemented on a national, regional or interregional basis to strengthen and reinforce R&D activities and linkages to the production system. The UN System and a number of bilateral organizations are providing training and technical assistance to research centres in order to develop indigenous capabilities to provide electronic and mechanical instrument and repair services to industry.