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Research and development: Know-why, know-how, know-good

WithChristian de Laet

The greater that research and development (R and D) addresses the problems of development in a determinate way, the greater will be the dissemination of technical and subsequent scientific inquiry into the deep layers of the society which promotes it. The expected result is the raising of the critical level of scientific awareness and response to the point where cultural strength emerges and is reflected in the technology produced. Any effort at R and D must take into account the attendant effort at developing measurement standards, leading to full-scale metrology and international recognition. The work of International Standards Organization and of regional standards organizations should be incorporated at a very early stage of planning national R and D programs. An analysis of the R and D situation in most countries where the provisions to carry it out have been well phrased, shows that there is little or no functional access to the resources claimed to have been made available.