chapter  7
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The Miscellany of China’s Political Spectrum, 1945-1950

WithPeter Ivanov

The end of the Second World War stimulated strong hopes in Chinese society for the nation's movement towards parliamentary democracy. The period immediately after World War II can be called the second Chinese experiment in multipartyism, the first having occurred during the post-1911 period. This chapter aims to trace the tiniest of the tiny in China's political history, 1945-1950. Political organizations uniting members of secret societies pursued the goal of adapting the societies' traditional structures and forms of activity to the new realities. The League of Middle Parties had liaisons with other ex-secret society parties: the Chinese Self-Strengthening Society, active in Sichuan; the Loyalty and Justice Party; and the Restoration Society. The fragmentary notes may shed some additional light on the socio-political situation in China from 1945 to 1950, when the different forces of the nation tried to contribute to the cause of democracy and revival.