chapter  11
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Rural Settlement Patterns in Zimbabwe and State Manipulation of the Settlement Structure

WithLovemore Zinyama

This chapter examines the evolution of rural settlement patterns in each of the four agricultural sub-sectors of Zimbabwe, with particular focus on the communal and resettlement areas. The four sub-sectors are the large-scale commercial farming sector, the small-scale commercial farming sector, the communal or peasant farming sector and the resettlement areas. A study of part of Save North communal area around Sadza service center about 175 kilometers southeast of Harare by Lovemore Zinyama will be used to demonstrate the changes in settlement patterns that have occurred in one area over the period 1956 to 1984. The resettlement program represents a significant redistribution of the African population and alteration of rural settlement patterns by the state in areas that had previously been alienated for European use. The post-colonial government has attempted to alleviate the problem of over-population within the communal areas by resettling some of the people on former European-owned, large-scale farms.