chapter  5
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Marxist Thought and the Rise of Nationalism

WithStephen Fischer-Galati

In a vain attempt to seek ideological connections between Marxism and nationalism, communist ideologues are trying to find organic and converging links between these two incompatible and, in fact, mutually exclusive ideologies. The reconciliation of Marxist ideology and historic nationalism in Eastern Europe has thus been artificial, and in the process Marxism suffered more than nationalism. However, whether Marxist ideology was enunciated by Hungarian intellectuals, Polish labor leaders, Yugoslav theorists, or Romanian apparatchiks, it parrotted during the early postwar years the anti-nationalist, Stalinist, Marxist utterances which were totally incompatible with the historic traditions of the nation states of Eastern Europe. The initial impetus for the revival of nationalism in Eastern Europe came from Stalin himself when the purging of Jewish leaders such as Rudolf Slansky and Ana Pauker took place either on the initiative of the Kremlin or with its approval.