chapter  3
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The Gezira Region, The Sudan

WithOmer M. A. El Agraa, Ian Haywood, Salih El Arifi, Babiker A. Abdalla, Mohamed O. El Sammani, Ali Mohamed El Hassan, Hassan Mohamed Salih

The study region is the Gezira Irrigated Scheme and its Managil Extension which encompasses some 8,800 square kilometres. Located on the Gezira Plain, the triangular area between the Blue and White Niies south of Greater Khartoum, it covers around one-third of the area of Gezira Province, one of the Sudan's 18 provinces. According to official records, there was only one urban centre of any size in 1925 when the Gezira Scheme began; Wad Medani with an estimated 30,000 inhabitants. Investigations in the Sudan showed that the Gezira Plain was well suited to irrigated agriculture. Increasing foreign competition was forcing British mills to produce finer cloths which demanded the use of long staple cotton for whose cultivation the Gezira seemed well-suited. The hope is that Land and Water Charges will help stimulate production, especially of cotton, and better serve the interest of both the tenants and the government.