chapter  4
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Bangalore, Mandya and Mysore Districts, Karnataka State, South India

WithB.S. Bhooshan, K. Prabhakaraiah

This chapter discusses a doctoral dissertation entitled 'Settlement Structure and Development Pattern; a study of changes in the structure of the settlement pattern Vis a vis spatial pattern of development in Karnataka' by B. S. Bhooshan at the Institute of Development Studies, Mysore. The climate was one of the factors which attracted the British to Bangalore City and their preference for locating a garrison and administrative offices there was an important stimulus to Bangalore City's early growth. The area lies in the drainage basin of the Cauvery, an important river in South India which rises to the west of the study region and flows through the districts of Mysore and Mandya into Tamil Nadu State to the east, eventually reaching the Bay of Bengal. Certain urban centres act as the main markets for crops and are important locations for agro-industries and for concentrations of people engaged in agriculture.