chapter  5
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Rae Bareli, Sultanpur and Pratapgarh Districts, Uttar Pradesh State, North India

WithH. N. Misra

The study region covers 12,800 square kilometres and is made up of the three districts of Rae Bareli, Sultanpur and Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh. By 1981, 5.7 million people lived within the study region which is almost at the centre of the densely populated great north Indian plains; it is among the most economically backward, least urbanised and most densely populated agricultural areas in the country. The municipal boundaries for the 1981 census figure encompassed some 50 square kilometres compared to the 10 square kilometres used for the 1971 census, and 84 settlements which had been villages outside Rae Bareli urban centre in 1971, were counted as being within municipal boundaries by 1981. Considerable emphasis has been placed by Federal and State governments on improving infrastructure and services since 1951. The various administrative and service functions associated with district headquarters certainly brought some stimulus to the development of Rae Bareli, Sultanpur and Bela Pratapgarh.