chapter  6
51 Pages

South-West Nigeria

WithDavid Aradeon, Tade Akin Aina, Joe Umo

This chapter discusses in relation to Lagos to the east. The Yorubas are the largest of Nigeria's many ethnic and cultural groups accounting for around one-fifth of Nigeria's total population which is currently estimated to be around 100 million. The origin of most of urban and larger rural settlements was as population clusters which developed on the main inter-regional roads prior to colonial rule. French colonial efforts to establish jurisdiction over the territory they controlled were said to be more vigorous and coercive than those of the British. The most obvious early development affecting it was the development of Lagos just to the east as the colonial capital and main colonial port. Data on demographic and on economic trends is even more sketchy in the northern portion of the study region than in Badagry Division. Badagry local government also does poorly, compared with other local governments within Lagos State, in terms of public service provision.