chapter  3
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NEP and the Industrialization to 1928

WithNeil M. Heyman

The dominant feature of Russian political and economic life in the aftermath of the civil war was the establishment of New Economic Policy (NEP). By the end of 1924, most aircraft factories had been gathered under a trust typical of the NEP era, but otherwise the record is far from clear. State planning agencies had been active since the earliest days of NEP; the most important of these was Gosplan, directly subordinate to the Council of Labor and Defense. The Russian commitment to an intensive program of government-sponsored industrialization dominated the period from 1924 through 1927. The Fourteenth Party Congress of December 1925, the “congress of industrialization,” set the course for the future. A system of air links was created with foreign countries, while a system of domestic airlines was projected, and partly established, to span Soviet Russia.