chapter  4
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The Authoring Process and Instructional Design

ByRussell Burris

This chapter addresses issues of instructional design, computer program development, authoring, and evaluation identified through working with authors of and instructors using the computer-based exercises by law. Computer-aided instruction (CAI) development exists within a broad context of research and development in instructional improvement based upon what is known and theorized about how students develop knowledge and skills. The chapter discusses the fundamental issues in instructional effectiveness that must be considered in the development of computer-based exercises in law. Perhaps the most fundamental issue to be faced in the development of instructional programs is the question of what distinguishes the performance of those who attain an appropriate level of knowledge and skill. The instructional design must be based upon goals and purposes that have been derived from an analysis of what is to be learned. The progression of steps through which the overall instructional program as well as the CAI program routes the student is also an important instructional design consideration.