chapter  5
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The EDUCOM Workshop: A Model

ByCarolyn P. Landis

The EDUCOM Computer Law Workshop was designed as an opportunity for professors committed to network use of a computer-based resource to evaluate the pedagogical value of specific exercises. EDUCOM plans workshops to be cosponsored with other discipline-oriented groups. EDUCOM assistance is expected to be most useful to groups in which general interest in sharing computer resources has been expressed, but where no organization has emerged. The March 1976 EDUCOM Workshop was planned as the opportunity for commitment of law schools that had already considered the use of computer-based exercises. EDUCOM sought a grant to cover long-distance communications charges and the costs incurred by the University of Minnesota in providing the exercises. During the EDUCOM experiment, the costs of using the exercises at Cornell would be covered through discretionary funds from the dean’s office and would be treated as additional costs above the regular instructional budget.