chapter  6
36 Pages

Predicting Deposition Reductions Using Long-Range Transport Models: Some Policy Implications

WithGlenn P. Gibian

This chapter attempts to evaluate and compare various emission control proposals. It demonstrates that strategies developed with specific environmental goals in mind will be more effective and efficient than the strategies being considered by Congress. The chapter seeks to evaluate the use of utility emissions for allocating emission reductions to be achieved by different states. Several pieces of legislation which would require significant reductions in sulfur dioxide emissions are under consideration in the Congress. While atmospheric models of long-range transport and transfer matrices are subject to considerable uncertainty and limitations, they may be the best tools available for predicting the effects of specific emission reduction strategies on specific receptor areas. To normalize the results for the different quantities of total emission reductions involved in different control strategies, the change in deposition is divided by the emission reduction requirement of each strategy to represent efficiency of the control strategy.