chapter  24
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The Importance of Diagnosing Poisoning from Plants

WithE. Murl Bailey

The diagnosis of animal diseases is extremely important from a treatment and a management standpoint. Animal diseases are initially categorized according to the duration of time from onset until completion, i.e., death or recovery. Toxins from plants may interfere with most organ systems in an animal's body. Plants which affect the blood or blood-forming organs may release hemoglobin from blood cells, causing hemoglobinuria, while others may cause the release of blood into the urine. Disease syndromes in animals may be produced by viruses, bacteria, fungi, chemicals, or plants. Many factors must be considered when attempting to ascertain whether a plant-related disease is occurring in animals. Animal disease conditions due to poisonous plants are commonly diagnosed when animals die or become ill under range conditions. This type of diagnosis is often tendered because of lack of previous history of infectious diseases or because of the known presence of poisonous plants in a pasture.