chapter  5
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Tactical Nuclear Weapons and NATO Strategy

WithVictor A. Utgoff, W. M. Christenson

This chapter presents the case that battlefield nuclear postures can be constructed with such a capability. There is a growing momentum within North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to eliminate nuclear weapons for use on the battlefield. Europeans naturally view these weapons with great skepticism because if they were to be employed, it would likely be on European territory. NATO's nuclear posture should thus employ the smallest yield weapons that are practical, and it should deliver these weapons with great accuracy. The key to making any battlefield nuclear posture highly effective is the establishment and maintenance of precise surveillance and targeting capabilities covering the battlefield. The war games and simulations were set in a scenario projecting two multi-division battles. The first battle examined the initial use of battlefield nuclear weapons by NATO to halt an impending breakthrough by a fresh Warsaw Pact army. The second battle grew out of the first.