chapter  12
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Capitalism, Socialism, and the Jews: The View from Cabildo*

WithCarlos H. Waisman

This chapter explores the ideology of the monthly magazine Cabildo, the foremost nationalist publication since the end of the military regime known as the “Argentine Revolution.” The identity principle or subject in the ideology of Argentine right-wing nationalism is, of course, the nation, rather than the citizen or the class. The territorial component is very salient in the ideology of Cabildo. Catholicism is the other component of national identity, but it is the traditional, integrist, antiliberal variety of Catholicism. The magazine diligently keeps track of Jews in government and in prominent positions in all spheres of life, and it exposes them. Jewish history is treated in Cabildo with the same degree of accuracy accorded to the analysis of the Jewish role in communism and capitalism. The contradictory nature of the argument has to do with the Jews. Catholic Nationalism developed and attained its influence in the 1930s and 1940s.