chapter  14
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Informal fewish Education in Argentina

WithIsrael Even-Shoshan

The increasing tendency to define Argentine nationalism as specifically Catholic came at a time when Jewish identity was considerably attenuated. Third-generation Argentine Jews are substantially removed from the traditional Jewish values of the immigrant generation. The small amount of research that has been carried out on Jewish informal educational systems inspired this writer to investigate this area of Jewish life. The study surveyed all Jewish institutions in Greater Buenos Aires that included among their activities at least one youth group within an educational framework. Many young Jews seek their fortune in greener, non-Jewish pastures. The migration has not been examined closely but it is generally thought that most of the younger generation of Buenos Aires Jews is concentrated in the neighborhoods. The primary objective of the movement, given the powerful trend toward assimilation, is to provide a foundation for Jewish identity. The late 1940s and 1950s witnessed the height of activity of the pioneering youth movements in Argentina.