chapter  2
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Sephardic Immigration to Argentina Prior to the Nazi Period

WithVictor A. Mirelman

The story of Isaac Elias Abejdid could well be that of many other Moroccan Jews who left their hometowns and native lands during the nineteenth century to seek their fortunes in the New World. Jewish emigration from the coastal communities of Morocco was more pronounced than immigration from the interior. Historical documents in Argentina testify to their presence in the early 1870s. By the end of the 1880s, Moroccan Jews were numerous enough in the Argentine capital to warrant organizing their own communal institutions. During the 1890s and up until World War I the flow of Jews from Morocco to Argentina continued unabated. Encouragement, moreover, was forthcoming from those already in Argentina. Several of the Tetuanese Jews who resided for considerable periods in Argentina attained distinction in world affairs. Most Moroccan Jews created good economic situations for themselves in Argentina. For a few Moroccan Jews, emigration to Argentina was only temporary.