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Introduction: Perestroika and Economic Security

WithJohn Edwin Mroz

The Soviet leadership and academic community seem to be searching for ways to realign domestic economic and social relations. The link between domestic economic and social conditions and internal stability poses a challenge for the Soviet leadership. This pivotal relationship has directly influenced the way Moscow has sought to restructure the Soviet economy and to proceed with the current reform process in the Soviet Union. Soviet economist Vasilii Selyunin advocates slower economic growth in the short run in favor of developing the consumer-goods sector. A process of changes in basic Soviet foreign policy has begun, reflected in both the Soviet theory and language of international relations, as well as in its foreign policy conduct. The relationship of perestroika and uskorenie on the domestic and international scene as well as its impact on foreign and defense policy deserves further exploration. There is a direct relationship between perestroika and economic security, both on a national and international level.