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Acceleration and Perestroika

ByAbel Aganbegyan

Restructuring is geared toward accomplishing our most important strategic task: the acceleration of the social and economic development of our country. Addressing the social aspects of perestroika is an intrinsic part of the acceleration mechanism. In our country, there is a clearly visible gap between the powerful potential of our state, its level of industrialization, the level of education of our population, and, on the other, people’s living conditions. The lag in solving social problems is linked to the fact that, due to a series of objective reasons, resources had to be allocated to the development of heavy industry, to the strengthening of defense and the restoration of the economy which was destroyed during the World War II. To solve the tasks of intensification and social development, the major preconditions are to restructure both the economy and economic management mechanisms. The outcome of perestroika depends specifically on the harmonious integration of social and scientific-technological development.