chapter  2
32 Pages

The Contemporary Polish State: Structures and Functions

WithWojciech Sokolewicz

This chapter examines the changes that have occurred in the institutions and structures of the contemporary Polish state, paticularly developments connected with the crisis of the years 1980-1981, and especially the reform programs formulated at that time. It explores these changes from the perspective of law, but also looking at practical applications of the law. The regulations concerning elections to the people’s councils were redefined in the law of February 13, 1984, on the basis of which new councils were elected on June 17, 1984. However, the most significant novelty from the point of view of the whole electoral system is the emphasis on the selection of candidates. The 1984 voting regulations considerably expanded the system of court control over the course of elections and the counting of returns. The powers of the Council of State connected with the functioning of the Sejm or with deputizing for it include the announcing of Sejm elections and the convening of its sessions.