chapter  Chapter 1
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Task Scheduling in Cloud-Based Survivability Applications Using Swarm Optimization in IoT 1

WithFadi Al-Turjman, Mohammed Zaki Hasan, Hussain Al-Rizzo

This chapter proposes an efficient scheduling approach in order to optimize the management queue while guaranteeing the Quality of Service (QoS) levels. It describes task scheduling in Cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) and describes the framework architecture of IoT in cloud computing environments. The chapter presents the architecture of two scheduling algorithms for homogeneous and heterogeneous objects/devices. Survivability services are often the most demanding in urgent applications, and various types of disasters. Infrastructure as a Service is considered an essential part of cloud computing that becomes as the foundation for high level Platform as a Service and Software as a Service models. To validate the proposed algorithm, assume a queuing system under different traffic flows depending on the QoS requirements when the requests for an IoT application is placed. The chapter discusses an optimization algorithm for users’ requests scheduling in Cloud-based IoT applications while considering dynamic dedicated server scheduling approach for homogeneous and heterogeneous systems.