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Planting & Farming in Cloud-Based IoT 1

WithFadi Al-Turjman

Plant phenotyping (PP) is the identification process of the genetic code differences and the environment effects on the phenotype. This chapter discusses the existing attempts in wireless sensor network (WSN) towards realizing smart agriculture applications in general and PP in specific. It examines key design factors in deploying WSNs under harsh operational conditions in outdoor environments. The chapter evaluates the existing solutions and key enabling technologies that can realize the PP in the near future in practice. Phenotyping has been vital for many years where small scale farming, herding, and fishing were the principal means of existence for eras before the finding of oil and gas. In the more general PP models, the node density will be variable and thus varying Probability of Link Failures might apply according to their location. The most substantial obstacle facing the deployment of small long-life sensor nodes is the need for major reductions in energy consumption to maximize the energy saving of the system.