chapter  Chapter 7
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Home Automation in Cloud-Based IoT

WithFadi Al-Turjman, Mohamad Sanwal

This chapter focuses on smart home security issues in Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled smart cities and Big Data paradigms. It provides a critical overview of the IoT-based home automation considering the main application areas, architecture, limitations, and design factors and discusses some background about smart homes in smart city along with the objectives and constraints. The chapter describes the architecture and basic components of smart homes along trustworthy computing models and outlines the most popular home automation techniques. It explains secure deployment as well as wireless protocols used in smart homes. There are several attempts in the literature which have been used mainly for the smart home automation in order to improve the quality of connected devices in the vicinity of the home. IoT architecture consists of constrained nodes that can communicate securely by a shared key. Key agreement is the critical part of this security approach.