chapter  Chapter 9
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Data Delivery Pricing in Cloud-Based IoT 1

WithFadi Al-Turjman

Internet of Things (IoT) is a pervasive technology for applications ranging from smart grid to vehicular networking and smart homes to smart workplace. IoT is growing as a framework to encompass all identifiable things, in a dynamic and interacting network. The integration of these enablers, along with Internet based and context aware services facilitate a dynamic platform for the IoT. A major misconception was imposed by an inherent property of the IoT; namely being a descendent of the Internet. Many factors are intrinsically dominant in the operation of a routing protocol. More factors are further augmented as we devise a routing protocol for the IoT paradigm with dynamic topologies and heterogeneous data generating/sharing systems in place. Pricing schemes in heterogeneous networks such as the ones in IoT paradigm usually cover a wide range of factors to determine the value of a resource in usage. The chapter proposes a price based routing scheme for heterogeneous IoT networks called the ARA.