chapter  7
22 Pages

Perspectives on governance and development of sustainable economy

Institutional policies, challenges, and scenarios in Kenya
WithAndrew Amayo

This chapter focuses on highlights of researched evidence of popular and neglected perspectives in policy, theory, and practice in sustainable development advocacy. It aims to discuss the increasing need to address prevailing perspectives and contemporary trends in global and national governance including relevant interventions as advocated by proponents of the theory on the role of the state. Contemporary discussions have focused on the views of traditional proponents of globalization with the expected growth and development being core to the argument as well as the evidence of growth in particular nation states beyond just the emerging economies. The theory of the role of the state in economic development is a cardinal yet polarizing neo-classical economic theory. The Africa rising narrative has revealed great potential for the continent – often times amidst the slowing or even decline of other regions in terms of projected development and competitiveness.