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Equity and Excellence: An Educational Imperative

WithCharles D. Moody

John U. Ogbu in his book Minority Education and Caste suggests possible approaches to investigating the education of caste minorities. She discusses how education in the United States has a dual nature, aiming toward producing different kinds of people. Educational and cultural deprivations caused by racism and cultural bias of tests are generally offered as explanations for the achievement gap. Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond in the Equality and Excellence Report states, “Overall, the evidence suggests that black students are exposed to less challenging educational program offerings that are less likely to enhance the development of higher-order cognitive skills and abilities than are white students.” A means of implementing a new urban education agenda to achieve effective black schools could be the translation of Ronald Edmond’s Effective Schools Correlates to classroom practice. Enrollment in high-quality preschool daycare programs and added academic help in the first three years of school significantly improve the chances of disadvantaged children to achieve school success.