chapter  25
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Global Policy and Revolution in Social Sciences

WithSilviu Brucan

Whereas anthropological research has an almost inherent inclination to use the traditional scientific method of going from simple elements to more complex ones, and to theorize on the basis of close studies of small human groups, global policy requires a totally different methodology—from the whole to its parts. Natural and technical sciences have had their revolution. It is time for social sciences to have a revolution of their own. Its premise has already been set as the discovery of computers, cybernetics, and systems theory which have produced a new scientific methodology that can be well applied to social systems, particularly complex and hypercomplex ones. Indeed, national limitations combine with ideological prejudices to make social sciences a highly restricted field of activity, mirroring the larger political system within which they operate. Ideology, which is so strong in social sciences, has also been affected by the political system of nation-states.