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Physiology of the Hypnotic State of the Dog44

(Jointly with Dr. M. K. Petrova)
WithIvan P. Pavlov

Besides the usual classical method of hypnotising animals, which results in a hypnotic state manifesting itself in catalepsy, the authors were able, in the course of their research into the normal activity of the higher parts of the brain, to study in more detail the diverse and very delicate manifestations of the hypnotic state. This chapter offers a deep physiological analysis of hypnosis in animals and interprets some hypnotic phenomena on the basis of experimental data in the light of localisation and motion of hypnotic inhibition, phenomena of reciprocal induction and interactions of the cortex and subcortex. It includes the physiological analysis of hypnotic inhibition and negativism in the experimental dogs for explaining a number of phenomena observed in the psychiatric clinic, the psychopathological symptoms in patients with the catatonic form of schizophrenia in particular.