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Types of Higher Nervous Activity, Their Relationship to Neuroses and Psychoses and the Physiological Mechanism of Neurotic and Psychotic Symptoms73

WithIvan P. Pavlov

Of the vast material relating to the study of the higher nervous activity in dogs by the method of conditioned reflexes the author dwells only upon three points. They are: the strength of the two basic nervous processes—excitation and inhibition—then the correlation of their intensities, or their equilibrium, and finally their mobility. Before the appearance of the family of homo sapiens the contact of the animals with the surrounding world was effected solely by means of direct impressions produced by its various agents which were conducted to the corresponding cells of the central nervous system. The absence of a sense of reality, continual feeling of inferiority of life, complete inadequacy in life together with constant fruitless and perverted cogitation in the form of obsessions and phobias. This is how the author conceives the genesis of neuroses and psychoses in connection with the general and particular types of human higher nervous activity.