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On Inhibition and Sleep5

WithIvan P. Pavlov

In this chapter, the author aims to form a conditioned reflex from the trace of scratching of an experimental dog. Depression must develop in response to the extant stimulus and a stimulus for acid must form from the trace of this stimulation. Since the depression is connected with intense stimulation, and excitation is connected with weak stimulation, the depression finally prevails, an exaggerated and very widespread effect of this depression results, this depression passing into a drowsy state and sleep, and these phenomena doing away with the conditioned reflex itself. The author develops and substantiates the proposition formulated by Pavlov that “sleep is a depression, an inhibition of all the activity of the higher part of the brain”. On the basis of experimental data Pavlov very convincingly proves the common nature of the phenomena of inhibition and sleep, and the possibility of transition of different forms of inhibition to sleep by way of irradiation of inhibition through the cerebral hemispheres.