chapter  10
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Preparing for the cyber storm

A survey of simulation
WithSylvain Leblanc, Taylor Perkins

A realistic environment is required to carry out the cyber education and training required to meet cyber preparedness requirements. While it is possible to carry out education and training on live networks, there are a myriad of reasons that make this infeasible or impossible, including costs, human resources, and impact on operations. Simulation is proposed to create a suitably realistic environment that allows for useful education and training, and this chapter examines research efforts for cyber simulation and training in four major sections. First, the chapter introduces the problems associated with education and training on live environments and makes the case for the benefits of simulation. Second, it briefly discusses research efforts in cyber simulation for decision-making. In the third section, the chapter discusses the use of simulation for the creation of datasets. The fourth section discusses simulation efforts for safety critical applications. The last and most important section of the chapter discusses the use of simulation in the adversarial attack and defence cycle, before concluding.