chapter  12
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Enhancing strategic-level wargaming with artificial intelligence

WithJim Q Chen

Cyberspace has already become a part of our lives. It affects every walk of life, including military operations. Nowadays, it is unthinkable to conduct a military operation without utilising tools and resources in the cyber domain. Cyberspace possesses some unique characteristics. Without a good understanding of these unique characteristics, it is hard to imagine how a senior or a rising senior military officer can effectively incorporate cyber capabilities in strategies and campaign plans. For this reason, a cyber component should be included in the joint professional military education (JPME). Artificial intelligence (AI), which is one of the major enablers of capabilities in cyberspace, supports both automation and autonomy. Beyond doubt, it can lead to competitive advantage. Its unmatchable capabilities not only can be utilised in military operations but also can be employed in enhancing strategic-level wargaming exercises in the JPME programs. This chapter examines the characteristics of cyberspace and the characteristics of cyber storms, discusses the challenges in this space as well as the challenges in strategic-level wargaming used in the JPME programs, and proposes an AI-based model in dealing with all these challenges. Use cases are described to show the capabilities of this model. Its benefits and limitations are discussed. Future study is suggested to further improve this model, which can be a game-changer in supporting strategic thinking as well as military operations.