chapter  13
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Design it, build it, defend it

Using cyber exercises in the education of cyber forces
WithG Scott Knight, Sylvain Leblanc, Erich Devendorf, Mike Shuck

This chapter argues for the use of fulsome cyber operations in the education of cyber forces. The authors will describe such fulsome operations as those in which participants must design a network to provide traditional information technology services and to support a simulated kinetic military mission, in which they must implement the network as they designed it, and in which they must operate and defend that network in the face of operations by a sophisticated adversary. The chapter is motivated by experiences with various types of training exercises such as table-top, Capture the Flag, and Design, Build, Defend. The main emphasis will be on the last of these. The chapter will describe the evolution of the Royal Military College of Canada’s experience with the US National Security Agency’s Cyber Defence Exercise which ran until 2017 and the Royal Military College of Canada’s CyberX which began in 2018.