A Taxonomy for Model Characterization and Parameter Identification in Engineering Economics and Physical Chemistry of Industrial Processes
ByF.A. Batzias
Pages 11

Abstract: This work deals with a knowledge based approach of multicriteria taxonomy of models frequently met in Economics and Physical Sciences. The criteria used have been extracted/formed through data mining techniques by examining over 300 cases of modelling and they are presented herein as bipolar categories according to the primary step of dialectics (thesis-antithesis). A simple alphanumeric coding system is proposed for ease model characterization and implementation is presented in four cases: (i) extractive fermentation in ethanol production, (ii) adsorption by activated Carbon for wastewater treatment with metal recovery, (iii) energy saving within an industrial complex, (iv) determination of compensation for lignite field exploitation. In all these cases, parameter identification is performed and the results are discussed.