chapter  13
24 Pages

Quantum Computation for Big Information Processing

WithTawseef Ayoub Shaikh, Rashid Ali

Big data is a hot buzzword that has impacted every field nowadays. Big data applies to applications that are beyond storage, processing and analyzing capabilities of traditional processes and tools. Big data is the gold mine of data piled up and to mine it for useful insights, brands it both opportunistic and challenging at one go. The healthcare sector is the best example of big data, where data is not only produced in huge quantities but is very complex and diverse because of the varied formats of the data. In such a scenario, quantum computing offers promises of rescue by providing new features in information processing systems, particularly in big data analytics. In this study, we have proposed a framework of how the power of quantum computing can be used for solving the big data problem particularly focusing it on healthcare data sector. A brief review of quantum computing techniques is also carried in the form of literature review. The challenges, promises, future directions, and techniques of quantum computing in big data analytics are also highlighted.