chapter  3
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Blockchain Databases 1

WithS. Dhivya, S. V. Evangelin Sonia, P. Suvithavani

The blockchain database has some database features and some blockchain features, as well as decentralization, unchangeableness and indigenous asset support. The BigchainDB forms a network with the cluster of nodes using BigchainDB HTTP API like BigchainDB Python Driver. A BigchainDB node consists of BigchainDB server and associated software which is controlled by the BigchainDB consortium. The BigchainDB is unchangeable with respect to time due to not accepting any external APIs, the replications of data are more, good monitoring performed by each node and external entities (selected by consortium), very expensive to change old stored data, signatures were used to check whether the data is changed and with security policies. The blockchain network is usually affected by Byzantine fault where the nodes may fail and there is no confirmation on particular node failure. The Tendermint protocol is used as the Byzantine Fault Tolerant for the transaction replication and consensus. BigchainDB uses MongoDB’s Query engine to examine and query all stored information (transaction, metadata, and assests). Each node has resident MongoDB instance with full control for query execution. The indexes might be created by the node operator or by some external users to increase the query performances. Some MongoDB’s APIs are MongoDBCompass, MongoShell, one of the MongoDB drivers, such as PyMongo. For Mongo queries execution, the Studio 3T,RazorSQL, NoSQLBooster for MongoDB, Mongo Management Studio. FlureeDB provides an answer whereby a crypto-database will be divided into unstructured components, every half having completely different blockchain consensus levels that correspond with the corresponding information set criteria. Fluree advocate, Fluree cap table, and Fluree App factory are the Fluree Apps. The Fluree cap table enables companies issue stocks and handle their equity in one location without getting stuck in spreadsheets and documentation. It seeks to give shareholders and staff access, allowing them to monitor their investments in a transparent manner. The query engine of FlureeDB enables you to join various databases, allowing a single system to consist of a hybrid of consensus features.