chapter  4
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Blockchain Databases 2

ByAnurag Pandey, Abhishek Kumar, Achintya Singha, N. Gayathri, S. Rakesh Kumar

In the present time, the blockchain database is a conveyed database that maintains a persistently growing tamper-proof data structure blocks which hold batches of individual transactions. BigchainDB is an application that has properties similar to the blockchain. Using smart contracts in blockchain intended to digitally facilitate, verify, the negotiation or performance of agreements. When anyone wants to add a record to a blockchain, a transaction processed and users in the network who have validation control to verify the proposed transaction. However, the open and transparent properties of the blockchains pose severe challenges to users’ privacy within blockchains which use both private as well as and public keys. Blockchain systems use asymmetric cryptography to secure transactions between users has a public and private key. It is mathematically impossible for a user to guess another user’s private key from their public key. This provides an increase in security and protects from hackers.