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Managing Reference “Pseudoserials”

WithChristopher W. Nolan, Sharon Scott

In response to the problem of “pseudoserials” in his Reference collection, Christopher Nolan, Reference Services Librarian at Trinity University, has devised a method of tracking those irregular and uncontrolled titles which seem to defy regular and systematic ordering. He began his presentation with his definition of a “pseudoserial,” or “problematic” serial as he more commonly calls them. Those titles which are published as monographs, with new editions issued at irregular intervals, are the most familiar type of “pseudoserial.” Many of these titles are published as frequently as true serials, but have not yet been designated as such. Nolan finds that keeping up with the latest edition of these publications is problematic, and in reviewing his reference collection, has found these are the most common items that “slip through the cracks” and are not reordered when necessary.