chapter  9
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Understanding the Organisational Context

Self-Initiated Expatriates’ Experiences in SMEs
WithMarian Crowley-Henry, Edward O’Connor, Blanca Suarez-Bilbao

This chapter considers the organisational perspective in terms of drivers from the organisational side, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) specifically, to attract and support a more international work-force. It examines the micro-level career experiences and concerns of the individual expatriate worker, in particular pertaining to choosing to work for a host country SME. The chapter reviews the literature relating to skilled SIEs and SMEs. It focuses on two main research questions: first, at the micro, individual level, why SIEs may be motivated to work in host country SMEs, and second, why SMEs may seek to recruit SIEs. The chapter addresses by exploring current literature and research pertaining to SIEs. The second research question addresses by exploring what is currently known at the organisational level. The chapter presents a summary of the key findings and an agenda for future research.