chapter  2
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‘Home Country’ in Studies of Self-Initiated Expatriates

WithMila Lazarova, Ebru Ipek

Self-initiated expatriation (SIEs) is a growing form of international career mobility, and SIEs represent an important segment of the global talent market. This chapter reviews papers that explicitly speak of 'self-initiated expatriates'. It revisits and expand on the themes, by specifically examining the home countries of SIEs being studied and elaborating on role as researchers. The chapter provides a reflection of how scholars perceive SIEs compared to other individuals who move internationally and find work abroad Scholars by and large do not dwell on the environment of the home countries of SIEs. SIEs are examined mainly from a boundaryless and protean career perspective, meaning that the primary focus is on the individual factors relevant to the SIE experience, at the expense of considering the external environment. Examining gross domestic product (GDP) and GDP per capita, the countries that dominate SIE research are ranked in the top quartile of world economies.