chapter  9
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Environmental impact assessment systems

WithDennis Agelebe, Marek Prityi, Jorge Ignacio García Nielsen

There are cultural variations on the structure and implementation of the environmental impact assessment (EIA), such as the differences between developed and developing countries, the form of government, as well as different traditions in the practice of law. An EIA is a precondition to the commencement of any project which can impact on the environment in any way. Implementation of environmental law in Nigeria is generally loose, uncoordinated, and fraught with conflict of roles, standards, and responsibilities among the different organs and agencies of government. The belief that environmental impact cannot be severed from social impact is further reinforced by the present practice of international money lenders supporting projects in developing countries. The main objective of the Chilean E.I.A. is to influence decision-making processes, by providing environmental information on the consequences of a project’s execution.