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Adopting an integrated and holistic perspective for improving conservation of built heritage

WithG.E. Garcia, F. Cardoso

Architectural heritage corresponds to one of the most studied cultural products. Recent contributions in this field compel us to understand its conservation far beyond physical interventions. Thus, the aim of this paper is two-fold: 1) Identifying these major shifts of paradigm, to improve current conservation practices, and 2) describing the challenges for managers behind its practical implementation. By analyzing scientific peer-reviewed papers, and official documents of international organizations, three key approaches to be incorporated, were identified that might be called: multi-scale, multi-dimensional and multi-actor approach. But, integrating these approaches is fraught of difficulties. In fact, based on lessons learned through almost 10 years of practiceled research and scientific research carried out in South America, at least four main challenges are discussed: 1) to reach real participation 2) to design gathering information system; 3) to implement a systemic thinking for analysis of data; and 4) to move from projects towards processes.