chapter  17
24 Pages

Domain-knowledge enriched BIM in Construction 4.0

Design-for-safety and crane safety cases
WithMd. Aslam Hossain, Justin K. W. Yeoh, Ernest L. S. Abbott, David K. H. Chua

The construction industry is rapidly espousing Industry 4.0 compliant technologies in the form of Building Information Modeling (BIM), modularization technologies, Internet-of-Things etc. BIM plays a key role in enabling Construction 4.0, and in particular, achieving the vision of a seamlessly integrated Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Facilities Management (AEC/FM) industry. Domain knowledge is a key component of Construction 4.0, and its integration with BIM in the form of domain knowledge enriched BIM will enable it to enhance the current decision-making processes. It is observed that domain knowledge can take the form of tacit knowledge, or explicit knowledge. This chapter describes two such applications in the area of Design-for-Safety (DfS) and crane safety compliance checking. These two applications are the examples of tacit and explicit knowledge and illustrate how such domain knowledge enriched BIM can help in implementing the concept of Construction 4.0.