chapter  4
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Agriculture and forestry

WithS. Scott

This chapter begins with the environmental effects of the sector and any evaluations of them. It argues that in the case of agriculture, what can broadly be termed fiscal policy in the last couple of decades has had profound environmental effects, especially through its encouragement of intensive agriculture, though, fanning and forestry can provide many environmental benefits to society, such as maintenance of bio-diversity. Forestry can have a detrimental and intrusive effect on scenery, at least if planting has been insensitive to the existing landscape. The EU has supported forestry development in Ireland since 1981 through the Western package Scheme and the Operational Programme for Forestry 1989-93. A common theme running through the comment on forestry, as with agriculture, is the need for resources, that is, suitably qualified personnel and equipment, to ensure that the environmental conditions are adhered to.