ByMichele George Markoff
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Michele Markoff has spent the majority of her career involved with arms control matters. Beginning her career with the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA) as a Foreign Affairs Officer, she rose quickly, moving to the Department of State where ultimately she became Executive Secretary (i.e., Director) of the U.S. Negotiating Group on Strategic Offensive Arms. In that position, she managed and coordinated the U.S. negotiating team’s effort to achieve the long-range strategic nuclear arms agreement (START) with the former Soviet Union. After a hiatus as a private consultant, she returned to government with the Bush Administration. Currently she is Senior Policy Advisor as well as Director of the Policy Planning Group at the ACDA. In this capacity, she advises the Director of ACDA on all aspects of arms control policy and directs the Agency’s mid- to long-range planning efforts.