Adam Smith’s library
Recent work on his books and marginalia
WithNicholas Phillipson, Shinji Nohara, Craig Smith
Pages 23

This chapter aims to report on work in progress and outlines research that seeks to build on Hiroshi Mizuta’s work by surveying the books themselves to identify and assess marginalia. Professor Mizuta is perhaps most associated with this research and his modern catalogue provides a detailed account of the location of books known to have been owned by Adam Smith. The catalogue of Smith’s library from 1781 provides a detailed description of the library in Smith’s Edinburgh home Panmure House. In March 2015 Craig Smith examined the portion of the library in Goldsmith’s Library at the University of London, and in November 2015 Phillipson and Smith met with representatives of Edinburgh University Library and Glasgow University Library (GU) to discuss the survey and book preservation issues. W. R. Scott suggests that Smith used GU books while he was a student and professor there, and that he devoted much of his time in Oxford to use of the library.