chapter  12
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A view from the South Pacific

Architecture and scholarship across cultures
WithRoss Jenner

Ross Jenner discussed the history of the creative practice PhD at the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and its transformation from a traditional research-based PhD to its present form, as the first practice-based PhD in an architecture school in New Zealand. Jenner elaborated on the differences between their program and the practice-based doctoral program at the RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.* The creative practice PhD requires the development of new work to probe a research question through both design and a dissertation. The scholar spoke about the nontraditional approaches to research that arose from non-Western knowledge, opening up an East/West dialogue in the program. Other programs, primarily in the fine arts, which often require an exhibit of the work, served as a model for the practice-based PhDs in architecture. Jenner discussed his experience in the history and theory of architecture PhD at Penn in the 1980s.**